MOVING INTO PHASE THREE OF COVID LIFE by Cindy Masters Bazinet   Like most countries around the world, we in Canada live life with many freedoms bestowed upon us that for the most part, we take for granted.  Five months ago, life changed as we know it!   The freedoms we once enjoyed or took for… Read More »

“New” Normal

At Dean Group, we are fully operational and continue to assist employers with temporary, contractual or full-time search requirements.  We are proud and grateful to all those who continue to provide the essential services we need and rely on.  It is challenging times for sure and like our Clients and Candidates, we have been adjusting… Read More »

How Your Unique Value Proposition Impacts Your Recruitment Process

When you’re deep in the recruitment process (writing detailed job descriptions, screening countless resumes, and interviewing an endless stream of candidates), it can be easy to forget that you are also being interviewed and that you need to impress the candidate just as much as they need to impress you. Candidates may not feel comfortable… Read More »

Why Hiring During Covid-19 is your Next Right Move

COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes – especially in the workforce. Some are scrambling to figure out how to work from home effectively. Some are wondering how temporary their layoff may be while others are desperately scrambling to find any type of employment that will cover the bills. As an employer in this climate,… Read More »