“New” Normal

At Dean Group, we are fully operational and continue to assist employers with temporary, contractual or full-time search requirements.  We are proud and grateful to all those who continue to provide the essential services we need and rely on.  It is challenging times for sure and like our Clients and Candidates, we have been adjusting our recruitment platform to accommodate the “new” normal. Our Team is fully supported with the tools necessary to work through this period of uncertainty.    


On a personal note, it leaves me wondering when or how we will return to what we deemed normal before CV19 hit us?  I am sure that I am not alone in feeling this way.  I feel very sad that I personally cannot hug someone when they are sad, I can no longer shake hands when being introduced, I have to stay at a distance from basically everyone, everywhere I go.  In days gone by, I often placed my hand on a person’s shoulder as a means of support.  No longer can these “feel good gestures” happen given social distancing requirements.  Building a relationship with anyone starts with a smile, a warm welcome that typically includes a hand shake.  Society went so far as to assess the “Welcome” or “Hello” handshake to determine a person’s character, their personality.   In the recruitment business, it is all about people!  It is about one’s presence when they enter a room, their demeanour, their body language, their smile, the “bounce” in their step!  It is about the way you sit in a chair and respond in an Interview.  There are many varying factors determined when conducting a face to face meeting. Fortunately for most, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Email, Text are our new means of communication.  I fully understand and respect the enforcement of social distancing but life is just not the same!  Hopefully we move forward with the “new” normal sooner rather than later.  I remain optimistic and look forward to my first handshake, my first hug!

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